The BLUE one the PINK one or BOTH

40 cm


Fix your back and get your weight under control with Selätin

  • Selätin intensifies the natural movement of the spine 
  • Selätin corrects your carriage, strengthens the back muscles and the abs and improves the balance and coordination
  • Selätin is also an effective exercise device for the pelvic floor muscles
  • Selätin is a great device for controlling your weight. Selätin helps you develop the middle section, buttocks and feet
  • 20 minutes of use in the morning and evening will make bring the heat up and consume energy
  • Selätin is easy to store and have on display. It is also easy to take Selätin with you on a trip
  • Selätin is easy and safe to use when following instructions



  • Use and store Selätin in roomtemparature, in a dry place and inside. Avoid straight sunligt
  • Selätin is made of polypropylene plastic and contains 32 steel ball bearings. Don’t take apart Selätin!
  • Selätin holds weight up to 110 kg
  • One year guarantee
  • Wear only soft bottomed shoes while using Selätin
  • Wipe Selätin with a wet towel if needed
  • Selätin should not be used as a toy by children



  • Enjoy a glass of water before exercising.
  • The first time you exercise step carefully on Selätin while supporting yourself against a wall or another stable object.
  • Practice rotating in both directions while holding on to something stable.
  • When you’re sure of how to use Selätin and sure of your own balance then you can go on practicing rotating without support in compliance with the pictures. Exercise 5 minutes in the morning and in the evening
Translation Atte Kortman

 Download user manual PDF